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  • What is Wild Divinity?

    Wild Divinity is a Mystery School where human potential can be explored. Amplifying our own unique innate gifts, through rooted healing. Offering Metaphysical Arts and Energetic Tools for anyone to experiment with their potential. A deep dive into esoteric healing principles and practices for those who seek illumination and initiation into the sacred potentials of the universe’s transmutable essence.


    Wild Divinity utilizes ancient blueprints that explore and amplify divine potential and healing from Priestess and Shamanic Traditions.

    • A pilgrimage into deep self-healing, allowing for an expansion of consciousness, and opening to the deeper experience of the divine within. 

    • Activate your innate capacity to journey meeting guides, receive ancient knowledge, and move through realms of consciousness.

    • Receive Sacred initiations into the ways of ancient knowledge

    • Reclaim your innate cyclical rhythm and connection to the divine. 

    • Use Ritual and Ceremony to create change in the oldest parts of the Brain. Creating lasting change. 

  • About Inara Sophia

    Spiritual Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master & Teacher, Priestess, Metaphysician, Energetic Bodywork

    Inara Sophia

    Inara Sophia is a spiritual teacher and a lifelong student of the mysteries. Delving deeply into the unknown depths of our human potential. Exploring the metaphysical arts has given her many tools and techniques that she now teaches to the world.


    Her many titles include, Vibrational Kinesiologist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Priestess, Mother, Metaphysician, Holistic and Energy Bodywork Practitioner, Bohemian Alchemist, Practitioner of Higher Consciousness, Certified Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Law of Attraction, Nutrition and Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Hypnosis Practitioner.

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    Wild Divinity Mission Statement


    Wild Divinity is here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. Co-Creating an incubative, womb space of healing, transformation, and well-being of the individual and community. Through the use and teaching of metaphysical tools, ancient healing arts, yoga, and modern technologies raising and deepening consciousness.

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  • Energy Work

    One-on-One Sessions on Zoom

    energetic bodywork slo

    Energetic Bodywork - First Session

    ~ $150 up to 90 minutes



    Energetic Bodywork Sessions use several energy modalities depending on your specific issues, lessons, and initiations manifesting in your life currently. Modalities may include Reiki, chakra balancing techniques, Illuminations, or any number of metaphysical or shamanic healing techniques. Depending on your specific needs. Issues that can be worked on in an Energetic Bodywork Session can be spiritual, emotional, or physical. EBS can release blockages on the etheric body, freeing one’s energy to heal, and help one manifest or align more fully with their destiny, clear karma and heal generational curses. This is a Zoom or in-person session. Energy is everywhere and we are made up of it. It will work no matter where we are located.

    Infinite Blessing on your healing journey.

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    Energetic Bodywork - Follow-up Session

    ~ $108 for 60 minutes



    Continue working through whatever situation, lesson or initiation has manifested in your life. Book this session to work deeper on a particular manifestation or if you are already an existing client. Must have had an Initial Energetic Bodywork Session first. This is a Zoom or in-person session. Energy is everywhere and we are made up of it. It will work no matter where we are located.

    Infinite Blessing on

    your healing journey.

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  • What People are Saying

    Sapphire in CA

    "Entering into the spiritual realm, lovingly guided by Goddess Inara, we are easily guided from chrysalis to butterfly in the safety of her sanctuary. Using ancient rituals and ceremonies she steps us through mystical healing portals where the present, past, and future coexist peacefully. She calls on simple, non-threatening, profoundly meaningful, intangible remedies and energies to accelerate all that is beneficial. Inara, with her embodiment as maiden, mother, wise one, and alchemist, brings forth the best in and for each of her clients from her deep well of knowledge, training, intuition, and empathic capabilities."

    With much love and admiration,


    Gina Cinardo, Ginici Studios Photography in CA

    "Inara is such a gracious host. I went to a Full Moon ceremony she organized and I showed up not really expecting much. However, there were 20 or more people at this event and the energy in the room was captivating. She did an awesome job facilitating the ceremony and giving everyone a chance to share. I will definitely participate in more of her events in the future."

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    San Luis Obispo, CA, USA
    By Appointment Only
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