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Metamorphosis Temple was a creation of the heart and soul. We are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. Through the co-creation of sacred space, ritual, ceremony and the healing arts. Here at Metamorphosis Temple we create an incubative, womb space that allows for the healing, transformation and well being of the individual and community. Using and teaching metaphysical tools, ancient healing arts, yoga and modern modalities the individual can go deep release what no longer serves them and begin to heal our global consciousness. One busy mind at a time we sink into the depths and juiciness of our being.



Inara Sophia
Priestess, Co-Creatrix

When Inara was a toddler her parents notice that she was more in tune and connected to the spiritual world more than most children. She was always praying and sending healing energy to others. Inara has now been doing bodywork for 20 years. Beginning meditation and yoga in her teens. In her late teens, early twenties she began studying the body's subtle energy systems, along with herbs, essential oils, nutrition, and various healing modalities. By the times she was twenty two she had become a Reiki Master Teacher and a Vibrational Kinesiologist. She began co-facilitating Reiki shares, teaching classes and taking private clients.

When Inara became pregnant with her beautiful daughter, she turned her attention and studies to natural childbirth, midwifery and attachment parenting. Where she studied at Hyegia Midwifery College with Jeannine Parvati Baker. All of the work integrated beautifully for her. It is through these studies, the visioning process and prayer she developed the Spiritual Parenting Group.

Inara continued broadening her studies to include becoming a Metaphysican, Practitioner of Higher Consciousness and working with Craniosacral Therapy. In 2010 she graduated from Milan Institute as Certified Massage Therapist.  This greatly expanded her modalities to include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Sports, Prenatal massages, Shiatsu, Acupressure and Body wraps. In 2015 she added Yoga teaching to her list of tools and combining her two loves of massage and yoga she added Thai Yoga Massage in 2016. Lastly adding cupping to her repertoire this last year.
Inara is experienced with nurturing the body into relaxation, restoring balance and harmony, detoxifying the body, increasing vitality and achieving greater Range of Motion and flexibility.  She offers an integrative, therapeutic treatment. 
You can often find Inara in nature, doing yoga or creating a healthy meal in her spare time. 

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